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Orphan Care

Although Vietnam has transformed itself from one
of the poorest in the world to a lower middle-income nation, it is not exempt from serious problems such as crime and corruption. When this kind of turbulence exists, the victims are always the smallest citizens of the nation. Children are the victims of separation, divorce, economic hardships, diseases, and many other adversities. Even in peace, Vietnam still has a huge number of orphans and street children and this is COPI’s mission to serve these children.

Children of Peace International works with the Vietnamese government in caring for its orphans. In cooperation with the orphanages and local departments of social services, COPI strives to improve and expand care for the children. Because of the dedication and support from COPI, children will grow up in more love and stability.


All orphans under COPI’s care are in public schools.
Most children will choose to attend 2-year or 4-year colleges while some will attend trade schools.

COPI learned during mission trips that children in rural areas or neighborhoods near orphanages struggle to stay in school. Many children live in “working poor” families, being the children of indigenous tribes or refugees from neighboring countries. These families typically do not have the resources to fund school fees, supplies, or uniforms. Seeing this need, COPI launched the Scholarships to Young Scholars outreach program in 2004.

Presently, COPI provides over 1,000 scholarships in Phu Yen and Vinh Long provinces. Scholars are selected in 3rd grade and COPI follows and maintains support of this same student until they finish 12th grade. After that, COPI continues their scholarships to support their higher education goals including 100% tuition support for students choosing trade school.

COPI’s roster of young scholarship recipients include physicians, electricians, plumbers, painters, artists, dentists, teachers, and more, and these students are forever part of the COPI family.

Medical and Dental Missions

Since 1997, Children of Peace International has hosted medical mission trips each spring and summer. These trips typically consist of a series of seven or eight clinics over a two week period, with 200-300 patients seen each day. COPI medical teams are made up of both American and Vietnamese medical and non-medical professionals.

Those served on these missions are students, orphans, leprosy patients, and citizens of poor and remote areas. These individuals often have no access to healthcare, which makes COPI’s work even more critical.

Patients at the COPI clinics receive training in hygiene, a medical examination, dental work if needed, and any necessary medication.

The triage station will collect vital information from each patient. The ear cleaning station is always busy cleaning ears and treating ear infections.

At the hygiene station, patients learn the proper way to wash their hands and face and how to brush their teeth. Everyone is given a take-home kit including a washcloth, soap, a toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Physicians not only give general exams, but also provide treatment, if possible. This can include medication, consultation, or even minor surgery. In addition, COPI provides financial aid if continued local care is necessary.

Dental care is a major component of every clinic with the majority of patients in need of some sort of dental treatment. Typically four dentists are kept busy all day with restorations, extractions, and cleanings.

Most importantly, COPI continues to learn about the people and environments in many areas of Vietnam. This allows the organization to make accurate needs assessments in order to best serve them.

If you are interested in participating, please read the information on the Join Us page.

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