Summer 2018 Medical Mission


Our summer 2018 mission took place from July 30 to August 14, 2018. There were nine American and 23 Vietnamese team members who served on seven clinics.

The team served 1,011 patients from three provinces Phu Tho, Quang Nam, Khanh Hoa and Ho Chi Minh City. We are grateful for all of our hard working team members. And we played hard as well.

WashingWe continue to emphasize teaching personal hygiene to each of our patients. This takes effort, accuracy and encouragement. Cleanliness is next to Godliness and we believe this practice could certainly save lives.

If you wish to join our team, please find application on “Join us” tab and follow direction to apply. If you are in a medical profession, we will need your practicing license. But most importantly, you will need to be willing to work hard and willing to put up with hot weather and sometimes primitive conditions. Your willingness to serve others the most important thing we ask from each of our team members.


Spring 2018 Medical Mission

The Spring clinic trip in March hosted 8 clinics over two weeks, travelling from Sapa in the north near the Chinese boarder to da Nang to Vinh Long in the delta, a total travel distance of well over 1,000 miles.

SaPa kidsThis is the first year we extended our medical mission team services to a new school, San Sa Ho Elementary I, near SaPa.  The school is expanding and we came as more class rooms were being built.  This school has 423 children who also benefit from COPI's "hot lunch at school" program.  


At Trung Son church near Da Nang we set up a two day clinic.  This is a poor community and the young priest, Fr. Bac was very helpful and so was the church and the community.

The clinic at the Thuan An deaf school was one of the hardest days for the team, especially the dental team.

Our last clinic day was at the Youth Shelter in Go Vap, near Saigon.While there we were also able to take the short walk to see the kids at the nearby Go Vap orphanage.

COPI Financial Statements for 2014 and 2015 now available online.

COPI is proud of our ability to efficiently provide services to our clients with a minimum of operating expenses. Annual financial statements for Children of Peace International for the years 2014 and 2015 are now available online, along with the 2013 statement which was previously available. Here are the links: 2013, 2014, 2015.

January Li Xi Tour

COPI founder, binh Rybacki and board member Mike Kirchner traveled to Vietnam in January of 2016 to conduct the annual Li Xi tour. Li Xi is roughly translated as “lucky money” and it is a Vietnamese tradition during the TET (New Year) holiday, to hand out small gifts of money to children and adults alike. TET is the most sacred holiday of the year in Vietnam and COPI has for years traveled to Vietnam during TET to carry on this tradition, and gifts are given to children and to the many caregivers who serve in the schools and orphanages where we serve throughout the county. This year, binh and Mike met the Vietnamese COPI employees and volunteers in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), and immediately traveled to Hanoi, and then to Viet Tri. COPI has supported the Viet Tri orphanage since 1997 and we have developed a tremendous relationship with the administration and staff, (as well as of course the children).

Following Viet Tri we traveled to the Soc Son leper colony where we presented the residents with blankets, food and some Li Xi. This is always a favorite stop for COPI teams. Next it was off to the northeast and to

Quang Ninh province. We drove to Ha Long Bay, and then two hours north.. This site was less than 100 km from the Chinese border and it had been a very cold winter. COPI delivered blankets and scarves for many children in the province.

Friends of COPI 2015 mid-year event in Singapore

Friends of COPI in Singapore did it AGAIN !.  In one late afternoon with a artworks, wine and friends, they raised $26,100 Sing Dollars or $19,463.38 USD, to be exact.  Michael Rose, a friend of Kathy's is a fun and clever MC.  Michael is originally from England, he worked and lived in Singapore for years and just re-located to San Francisco. If you have Facebook, I have shared  their success on our FB page.

You can get more pictures and information on their facebook page for this event.

Spring 2015 Travels

In February and March binh, Mike Kirchner and COPI workers travelled Vietnam, checking on projects and visiting our schools and orphanages. After the reviews, Binh and the full medical team spent two weeks setting up and running the Spring 2015 medical clinics.

Mike's report on the review travels is here.

Binh's report on the medical mission is here.

Ribbon Cutting and Dedication at Hieu Nghia Preschool and Kindergarten

Hieu NghiaIt was COPI's honor to have Friends of COPI from Singapore to come and dedicate Hieu Nghia Preschool and Kindergarten in Vung Liem, Vinh Long on November 22, 2014. For more pictures and detail see our Facebook page here.




Summer 2014 Medical Mission Report

Our summer medical mission started on July 16 and ended on August 3, 2014. We had 14 American and 16 Vietnamese team members. We served at 8 clinics and 1390 patients from four provinces and Saigon. We traveled from Doan Hung to Tam Ngoc, Dien Ban, Cam Ranh, Nha Trang, Vung Liem and Saigon.

The highlight for us on this trip was to serve the children at Dai An orphanage and the landfill people in Nha Trang. They came in their best clothes and were so eager to make new friends. We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve their medical needs. Their needs are many and we hope to be able to find funding to give them help.

The children at Dai An are little and precious, they are being cared for by the Fr. Thien and Fr. Tuan at St. Joseph’s order. It is wonderful to see a couple of young priests running around the children caring and loving them. The priests compared themselves to the “lonely roosters” caring for their chicks. We are grateful to have a wonderful staff assisting these two single dads and their two houseful of children.

DentalWe were particularly happy to return to Vung Liem’s Hieu Nghia Pre-school and Kindergarten school. The New England Key Club, Friends of COPI in Singapore and Kim Son Restaurant in Houston were the major donors to build this beautiful school for the children in Vung Liem. Our first clinic was for the 188 children and the second clinic designated for the adults in the area.

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