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Established in 1993

For nearly 30 years, Children of Peace has been serving the people of Vietnam, supported by generous organizations and individual donors. As conditions in Vietnam have changed over the years, we have continued to adapt to the needs of the people.


While the war in Vietnam officially ended on April 30, 1975, effects were
still very evident in 1993 when COPI’s founder, Binh Rybacki, first traveled back to her home country after leaving for the United States in early 1975. Binh has always believed that children are the most vulnerable and suffer the most in any conflict. When Binh returned to Vietnam, she found this truth borne out when she sadly saw children working as street peddlers, beggars, and prostitutes. Unable to ignore this and with a heart full of love, she founded Children of Peace
International to improve the lives of these children and her home country.

In 1993, COPI began supporting Tam Binh orphanage, just north of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). To the COPI community, this orphanage is also known as Good Shepherd Orphanage after COPI’s very first sponsor, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Sandy, Utah.

Since 1993, COPI has expanded its mission to support children in Phu Tho province, Binh Duong, Hue, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, Vinh Long and Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, COPI now conducts twice-yearly medical missions serving rural and poor areas, distributes scholarships
and supplies to students in need, builds schools and dormitories, and provides equipment and training to hospitals and clinics.

Methodology and Philosophy

Children of Peace International believes it is a privilege to serve the children in Vietnam. Because we know that children suffer the most during any conflict, much less war, COPI focuses efforts on lifting the youngest Vietnamese in need.

In order to accomplish our goals with respect and reverence, COPI prioritizes understanding the ways of life, beliefs, culture, and habits of the people of Vietnam. COPI has found one of the most effective ways to gain this in-depth understanding is to go directly to the locations where the individuals supported by COPI live.

The Vietnamese government and agencies know their country best. We seek to collaborate respectfully and carefully with our host country officials and its people to achieve the best result for each situation, person, and community accordingly.

COPI pledges transparency and integrity to the hundreds of donors and supporters who have trusted our organization with their generous gifts of financial donations and resources over the years. COPI is proud of its ability to efficiently provide services to our clients with a minimum of operating expenses. The latest IRS Form 990 filed by COPI is available for inspection here.

COPI is grateful to the teams of volunteers who have served Vietnam under our umbrella since our founding in 1993. The love and dedication shared by these volunteers has sustained COPI and its leaders for three decades, and COPI would be honored to continue to receive this
support for years to come.


To develop the ability of the people of Vietnam to help themselves through health care and education


A Vietnam where a safe and secure life is available to everyone, especially the children


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